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That magical moment
when it all comes together

Discovery sessions, run sheets, floor plans, seating charts and many more- we can do it all. 




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The very first step of finding the perfect venue can be enough to hault wedding plans all together. The options are endless and yet the availability is limited.

In a wedding world of Instagram + Pinterest it can be very hard to make any sort of decision about your wedding, whether it be styling, suppliers, the dress, or the guest list (lets not even talk about the guest list yet).

You're looking at suppliers which you have never met and have no idea if they will be good quality or even turn up on the day

(heck, it is a real risk, you're paying them in advance!)


These are the reasons that wedding planning is becoming a bit of a drag for people...

its all too much stress and pressure... not to mention the fact that you're working full time and trying to juggle family and friends.

All you really want is a day that is relaxed, beautiful and full of those moments that leave you speechless... is that too much to ask?

ANSWER: It's not! We've got your back baby!

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Love is the most important thing in the entire world and you having the perfect day is the most important thing in ours.


You want to WOW your closest family + friends with a day that reflects you as a couple. You want it to be beautiful and unique but also natural, fun and relaxed.

You want to sit back and enjoy all of those moments, not worrying about what is happening next or what might not happen.

To say that we have done this before would be an understatement. We have planned, styled and coordinated HUNDREDS of outdoor weddings and we know blank space weddings back to front, inside out and upside down! 

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of different suppliers, always updating our lists to reflect only the best and most reliable in the industry - ensuring that you can sit back and relax, knowing that your day is going to look  + feel effortlessly beautiful.

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Welcome to the bottom of our page - you made it!

Weddings aren't meant to be stressful, but they can be time consuming.  Maybe you just want to have someone on your team who has done it all before and can bring the most important day of your life together like a dream!

15 years of experience in the wedding industry has lead to the creation of a comprehensive range of services and packages to suit every couple.  We are a solution focused team of creative professionals - AKA your new ride or dies.

Whether you are thinking about running away, or running the world with a show stopping spectacular - we've got you covered.

Tell us a little about what you have in mind below, and we can chat about how we get from 'where we are' to 'where we want to be'.....




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