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How Do I Find A Husband?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Let me preface this one by saying that I am a happily married 38 year old, with one teenage & one pre-teen daughter….so I have never personally been through the rollercoaster that is ‘online dating’. I have however watched several of my closest friends & family (including my Mum!!!!) take the ride…..with mixed results!

From the outside, it is exactly like standing next to a monstrous big dipper, that travels upside down & inside out at death defying speeds, hurtling your loved ones one way then the other – all while I stand safely on solid ground cheering, waving & telling them to smile for the camera….

Although….maybe that’s what life is like in a nutshell? And finding a partner is just a case of finding someone you want to sit next to on the rollercoaster?

So how do you find your human?

Well….do you know what type of human you are looking for? I mean specifically? If your soul mate bumped into you today, how would you know that it was them if you’re not sure of what it is that you are looking for? Chemistry perhaps? But is initial chemistry always going to be an indication of a long term relationship??? (I think we can all answer that one!)

Some believe there’s a weird, almost stalker like association with writing down the physical + personality traits of your ideal partner (which we can probably thank Laurina for!!!!) Can it really be socially acceptable to spend so much time filling out applications for online dating services – but dedicating time to thinking about who you would like to spend THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH is weird????

I am a BIG believer in the universe. I also believe strongly that where you are right now is the result of all the choices you make from day to day, moment to moment. And where you will be tomorrow, next week or in a year from now reflects all those choices you continue to make. Sooooooo….maybe….if you have clarity around what it is that you are wanting in life, not only will decision making be easier (because you have an awareness of where you want to be), you will be making those decisions based on the direction you want to head – helping you to move closer to your goals/hopes/dreams….HUSBAND!! And bonus side effect….because you moving towards your happy place, you will be attracting people into your life that have those things in common with you – giving you the opportunity to connect with these people on a deeper (we might even call it soulful) level!!

…..BANG….you’re welcome ;)

In summary....


Write down all the details of your ideal partner - personality, lifestyle, family, looks - the works!


Make decisions that align yourself with that person & know that you are on your way to finding them. Believe you deserve love & be grateful for it when it arrives.


Fall deeply in love....and book Popup With Style as your wedding planners....hahaha ;)

Do us a favour – if you read this, and it works, let us know!!! We love to hear love stories xo

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