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What is it exactly that you do?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The short answer…..we celebrate love <3

But unfortunately, giving away free hugs isn’t going to pay the bills!! So here’s the long answer…..

Getting married is a HUGE deal – but it can also be an amazing journey if you take the right path – and that’s where we come in.

In those moments when you feel like you are drowning in an ocean of mind-blowing options – we help narrow the field. In those moments when you feel sandwiched between making the right choice for you + your partner + their parents + your parents + Aunty Dianne + Grandma (the list goes on for miles, but you get the idea) – we help bring it back to the reason this magical event is happening – your LOVE. In those moments you are feeling nervous about investing a significant amount of your hard earned money in some weirdo you found through Instagram (….but their feed is AMAZING so they MUST be great…right???) – we are able to offer well educated recommendations.

We do weddings full-time – they’re our jam – we literally live for this!!

We start with the basics, an ‘overview’ of what’s going through your mind….style, location, guest numbers, budgets, logistics and so on. From here we can look at the ‘possibilities’ (my personal favourite part). Things that you may not have even considered, or known were options – but we spend our lives keeping current on trends and pushing the boundaries within our industry so we can offer our couples expert advice.

All of these ideas are then fused into some practical and super handy documentation. Moodboards, Floor Plans, Site Maps, Proposed Run Sheets, Budget Guides, Seating Charts are all created throughout your planning journey – they are a wonderful resource for you refer to, they may also come in handy we you are being asked pesky questions by nosey relatives. These documents are also used by us when communicating with suppliers on your behalf to manage bookings/orders, invoice payments & logistics.

And this is just the beginning of our liaising with suppliers – we also schedule set up & pack down, troubleshoot any issues on the spot and insure that the product/service you have paid for is the one you are receiving.

On ‘The Big Day’ we are the first to arrive & the last to leave. We again manage suppliers, make sure everything is running to schedule, implement floorplan + seating chart, style like a boss, and take care of anything that may arise – so that you can enjoy a day full of moments that will leave you speechless.

What do we want from you?

We want you to be so totally in love that it is bursting out of your body like sunshine. If you can bring that, we can take care of everything else!!

If you haven't already, click on over to our Instagram feed which is jam packed with all of our most recent loved up couples!

You can also visit our Website for more information and image galleries.

Or Email us with questions you would like answered in upcoming blogs!!

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